Energy Flows Where Intention Goes

An intention is a powerful energy that enters a situation before we do. We’ve experienced this in our interactions with others. 

If a person approaches us with the intention of attack, we sense it and become guarded. But, on the other hand, if a person comes to us with an open heart and mind, we feel that too, and we relax. 

With the power of intention, we ask, “What is my intent as I approach this person or situation?” Our intention influences the outcome in profound ways. We can consciously set our purpose before we move forward.

Before an Emotion Code or Body Code Session, I set the intention to be of service to you for your highest good. The healing you experience is a cooperative agreement between your inner mind and your Creator. I ask the Creator for help because everything is released or corrected by that Power.

I work within the context of love for you. I assure your inner mind that it is safe to speak its truth. Lastly, I acknowledge deep gratitude that this process works. I expect a miracle each time.

Attention guides intention. When you set your attention on what you want to accomplish in a session, a synergy exists between our collective purpose and divine intervention.

It’s all good.

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