Joyspotting (n.)

Joy is all around you. You just need to look for it.

Joyspotting is a simple practice of turning your attention to the joy in your surroundings. According to Ingrid Fetell Lee of The Aesthetics of Joy, “Joyspotting is easy, free and can be done in just a few seconds. The more you do it, the more joy you’ll start noticing all on your own.”

Look up!

Kites, balloons, and shapes in the clouds: joy often comes from things that fly. What joys can you spy up in the sky? 

Keep an eye out for colour.

“Color is life,” said painter Johannes Itten. When you catch a flash of vibrant hue, notice how it transforms the space around you. What joyful colours can you find?

Follow the curve.

Circles and spheres, squiggles and waves: curved shapes have a playful quality that softened out the world’s hard edges. So, what curves do you notice?

Seek out symmetry.

Whether it’s a spiral seashell, a striped awning, or a hidden face, symmetrical shapes and patterns create a sense of harmony amid the randomness of daily life. So, where can you find symmetry in your surroundings?

Take the scenic route.

While it’s possible to find joy when rushing around, it’s easier if we take our time. So slow down. Wander. Maybe even get a bit lost. What joys have you discovered while taking a long way around?

Joy, spotted!

Once you’ve found it, don’t keep it to yourself. Research shows that sharing a moment of joy with someone else boosts both your joy levels.

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