You can change the one thing that will move you toward the life you have always wanted. You can change your energy. Your body knows how.

Do you have people in your life that drain the energy out of you? Are your emotions sometimes so overwhelming that you feel “beside yourself”?

Have you overreacted and wondered, “Where did that come from?” Has someone’s behaviour triggered you?

Each of these is an indicator that hurtful emotions are stuck in your body.

These emotions can be current, from childhood or part of your inherited emotional DNA. Your superconscious body indicates which emotions need to be brought to the surface. Then, each emotion is removed energetically.

Once an emotion is released, it is gone for good. This process is not counselling. Your body does the talking for you. You do not need to dredge up past hurts.

I am an energy practitioner because I was a client first. Within a few months of seeing a practitioner, the emotional pain in my chest was gone. 

The pieces began coming together.

My emotions were named and put into historical context. The questions of WHY and WHAT were answered. I know now what I could not have known before. I aim to offer the same solutions to people suffering from life-draining emotions.

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How does it work?

Because energy has no bounds, energy healing sessions can take place over any distance.

You belong here.

Your body seeks your highest good.

Let’s talk to your body together.

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One 60-Minute Session of Body Code/Emotion Code

1 Body Code Session

An hour of Body Code/Emotion Code, just you and me. Your body will clear trapped emotions, disclose unhelpful subconscious beliefs, or get to the bottom of another issue you may be having with your business, health or relationships.


Three 60-Minute Session Package of Blended Modalities

3 Energy Sessions

Three one-hour Energy sessions at a discount. You will witness measurable changes in your energetic health, sense of abundance and openness to new opportunities. You will have “homework” after each session. Change takes time.


One 60-Minute CoreTalk™ Holistic Session

1 CoreTalk Session

CoreTalk Holistic Healing is unique. It’s all about going deep and talking to your mind, body, and spirit to heal the negative mindset and health issues that may have plagued your life and business for so long. Core Issues are addressed with CoreTalk™.

30-Minute Group Sessions for FREE in 2023!

Thursdays at 7:30 PM PST

  • Experience the collective energy of a group.
  • Encounter the power of shared intention.
  • Enjoy the synergy of one-for-all.
  • Embrace love for each one’s highest good.

What others are saying:

Wendy L. Friend and Horse Extraordinaire

Since my sessions with Denise, I feel amazing! Finally, I was able to leave a group that was unhealthy for me. I truly believe that without Denise, this would have never been possible. My issues were buried too deep in my unconscious mind. I am so excited about my future now. I thank her from the bottom of my heart

Rachel P. Student Advisor Body Code Department

Denise is a ray of light. She is passionate about her work and is dedicated to helping others. Her sessions are personable and professional, and she provides a safe space for healing. It is very obvious that Denise cares deeply for her clients and is very thoughtful of their needs

Guelda R. Entrepreneur Kindred Kreations

Denise is a very gentle and inspiring person. She loves people and wants to help you find the best you, and learn how to care for yourself in the way you deserve.

Meena J. Entrepreneur Momentum Feng Shui

I have met Denise in person and immediately felt how she is sensitive to energy. After finding out more about her services, I can see why she is good at healing others to free themselves from emotional pain held in their bodies

Laura P. Arbonne Independent consultant

Denise is very open and approachable. She cares deeply about your well-being.

Cathy P

Denise inspires me to live my best life. She is an anchor for me. Through her kindness, friendship, and support, she makes me feel like everything is OK.

Sue M

I love how Denise’s face lights up when she has an “Aha” moment. She is full of grace, kind and gentle. She is a life-long learner and a gifted practitioner.

Debbie F

Denise is dedicated and approachable. She has a beautiful gift of prayer and an openness to the Spirit moving. She is supportive and affirming of others’ strengths.

Bruce V

Denise has the light of God and a good sense of humour. She is thoughtful in how she presents herself when she shares at meetings

Vina C

I felt a lot of joy yesterday. I felt light-hearted and went and played squash! I was exhausted and slept after our introductory session, but I was over the moon yesterday. I admit I still feel bewildered by the “woo-woo” process but keen to learn more. I am drinking my water and trusting in God for my subconscious healing.

Dani G Hypnotherapist

Denise is caring and smart. Her attention to detail and follow-through are outstanding. Denise will help you release life-draining emotions, as she has for me. I value her intuitive insights and nurturing presence.

Healing comes from within — and I’m here to help you activate it.

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