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1 One-Hour Session of Body/Emotion Code

1 Body Code Session

An hour of Body Code/Emotion Code, just you and me with Divine help. We can clear trapped emotions, work on your subconscious beliefs, or get to the bottom of why you aren’t thriving in your life, business or relationships.


3 One-Hour

Three 60-Minute Session Package of
Blended Modalities

3 one-hour Body Code/Emotion Code sessions at a savings. This package is designed to specifically address the presence and dismantling of your Heart-Wall, the layer of trapped emotions energetically surrounding your heart.


1 One-Hour Session for $197 Session

1 CoreTalk™ Session

A one-hour CoreTalk™ Holistic Healing session is a deep dive into anatomy, physiology, body energy (chi), meridian, and the chakra energy systems to clear core emotional energies.

30-Minute Group Sessions for FREE in 2023!

Thursdays at 7:30 PM PST

  • Experience the collective energy of a group.
  • Encounter the power of shared intention.
  • Enjoy the synergy of one-for-all.
  • Embrace love for each one’s highest good.


Please schedule a FREE “Let’s Talk First” Session.

This conversation can take place over the phone or Zoom.