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1 One-Hour Session of Body Code/ Emotion Code

Body Code Session

An hour of Body Code/Emotion Code, just you and me. We can clear trapped emotions, work on your subconscious beliefs, or get to the bottom of another issue you may be having.


3 One-Hour Sessions for $139/Session

3 Body Code Sessions

3 one-hour Body Code/Emotion Code sessions at a savings of $24. This package is designed to specifically address the presence and dismantling of a Heart-Wall.


1 One-Hour Sessions for $197/Session

1 CoreTalk™ Session

A one-hour CoreTalk™ Holistic Therapy session is a deep dive into anatomy, physiology, body energy (chi), meridian, and the chakra energy systems to clear core emotional energies.

energy healing with denise

30-Minute Group Sessions for $27 per person

Thursdays at 7:30 PM PST

  • Week 1 – Releasing Resistance
  • Week 2 – Creating Abundance
  • Week 3 – Manifesting Joy
  • Week 4 – Sky Rocketing Success


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