What Others Are Saying...

Amazing news!
I played in the tournament and was shocked with how little pain I experienced in my knees and lower back.

I can only assume it was due to our treatment sessions. So amazing! Thank you so much.
Elliot Mason
Founder of Legacy Basketball
The Denise 2.0 that is showing up right now is gorgeous!
You are rising and elevating and batting away so many upper limits!

You see what your clients need and deal with the essence of it.
You're able to completely interpret that and heal it for them in a kind and loving way.
Antonia Van Becker
Co-Founder of Self Health Institute
You've arrived in this beautiful space. You're grounded, you're clear.
It's like you know who you are now from a different place.
That is so beautiful.
Christina Solstad
Founder of Christina Solstad - Abundance Coach
Denise is a very thorough and knowledgeable healer. She makes me feel safe in this space and I don't ever feel pushed to share things that I may not want to talk about, I feel relaxed, clearer-minded and lighter after each of our sessions.
Julie Drake
Julie:EmotionalRelaseCoach at Advanced Innergy Wellness Center
Since we've been working together, I have a picture of my aura come into my meditation.

Even when I'm walking, I can actually sense it, feel it in my mind. There's a picture of it and it goes around and under the earth.

I'm like, thank you, Mother Earth. It feels so good. It's like the earth has these arms that are just holding me.
Ginny Dipucha
Vancouver BC Canada
This is your path and this is what you were going to believe in and I could just feel that energy of it.
You make me feel so safe and so supported. Everything you said and did, it was so nice and lovely.
It was a lovely time. So thank you.
I really appreciated it.
Joyce McCallum
CoreTalk™ Practitioner, United Kingdom
As I'm walking up the stairs, I could feel less pressure in my head like a bunch of stuffing was taken out. I don't know how else to describe it. The last couple of weeks I have had sinus issues, now it is easier to breathe and I think I can smell better. Very profound. I knew this was gonna be a remarkable start of change in my life. This is going to unlock and change my life. Success is going to happen with ease without pushing the load uphill.
Mary Wood
Abbotsford BC
Not going to church looks really good on you!

You are owning more of who you are as a godly woman.

You are owning more of how you want your world to be and how your spirituality will work in that world.
Susan Northrup
Founder of Choose Into Joy Success Coaching
I am in a very upbeat mood right now. These sessions with you fly by!
I just try to focus my attention on my energy.
I want to thank you for helping me navigate this whole process. I'm still hung up on this shin pain.

How fast it went away. You don't realize how much its gone. I tried to make it hurt but its just gone. I preach it!
Robin Phalil
Maple Ridge BC
I love your energy. I just love it.
I wanna like take you and cuddle you and take some of that in for myself.
Thank you for showing up and being you. You have grown into who you should be, who you have been aiming to be all this time.
And yes, I agree, not going to church looks really good on you!
Alisa Clinkenger
Bestselling Author-Coach-Community Builder-Event Producer-Motorcycle Traveler