My Home Button

If you had a nickel for every time you pushed the home button on your phone, you would have free coffee for life. 

My sister used The Emotion Code and other modalities in her business for several years. As a result, she had a sense of peace about her; I wanted what she had. So I hired a fantastic Certified Body Code Practioner in Vancouver to work with me. The results were astonishing! 

I had suffered from right-sided chest wall pain for 40 years. It is gone. I knew it was emotional pain, but I could not address it. Now, I have the healing tools I need. This is my “home button” when it comes to my experience with energy healing.

I worked in end-of-life care for the last half of my 25-year nursing career. As a palliative care nurse, I experienced the sorrow and the brilliance of one’s last days and moments. To care for others, I had to learn to care for myself. 

Self-care and self-compassion go hand-in-hand. When we are free from hurtful emotions, we can show a nurturing kindness that transforms how we treat ourselves and others.

How can practicing self-care and self-compassion improve your interactions with others and foster kindness in your life?

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